Physiologic Labor

Slow dilation is normal

Here’s more evidence the normal rate of dilation is not 1 cm/hour.  Add it to your stacks of evidence in case anyone suggests otherwise. Progression of the first stage of spontaneous labour: A prospective cohort study in two sub-Saharan African countries1 1.


A Project to Watch: Reducing Primary Cesareans

The American College of Nurse Midwives began a project in 2015 that encouraged hospitals to make system changes that result in reduced rates of primary cesarean.  In the first year of the initiative, 15 hospitals participated. You can read more about it

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Where’s all the Doula Research?

I was introduced to a series of essays you should read. They highlight the struggles inherent in science, and how those struggles result in a lack of evidence for doula care.  Head on over to Doulaing the Doula for this four-part essay

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Judging the quality of place of birth research

Last week when I attended the normal birth conference, I paid special attention to the presentations by Saraswathi Vedam. I was watching her work on the Home Birth Summit before I was involved in research. At the Normal Birth Conference, she presented information

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Keep your eye on the Normal Birth Conference

I spent last week at the Normal Birth Conference exploring the latest research and making connections for future work. The Normal Birth Conference is a research-focused (not practice focused) conference and has quickly become one of my “must attend” conferences every year.  Next year’s conference