Birthing Naturally was born in 2000 as a free source of information about pregnancy and birth. The content was designed as a source of online childbirth education to assist families planning a natural childbirth. In 2010, Birthing Naturally began providing a source of information and ideas for childbirth professionals.

Within this site you will find information, assistance and solutions to many of your childbirth questions. The information is presented in a way to help you prepare for a natural childbirth, knowing many women have access to pain medications if they decide they need them during labor. While the childbirth knowledge contained covers a wide range of topics, they are all explored from the points of the Birthing Naturally Childbirth Philosophy.

  1. Pregnancy is normal and healthy for the female body. A woman’s health is affected by many factors including her nutrition, activity level and the amount of stress in her daily life.
  2. Much of the work for a natural childbirth is completed before labor ever begins. Maintaining optimum health, understanding options and dealing with fears, concerns and worries allow women to more effectively handle the process of labor.
  3. No woman chooses the circumstances of her labor and childbirth. She only decides how to respond to the labor as it progresses.
  4. Childbirth is a normal and healthy process for most women. A healthy woman should have only about a 5% chance of a complication during the childbirth process.
  5. The amount of discomfort felt, and the extent to which labor is painful is dependent on several factors. Some factors can be controlled, some can be influenced, and others are unchangeable.
  6. Every woman is a unique individual. By understanding their unique physical and mental strengths, women improve their probability of experiencing a physiologic birth.

Meet the Author

Jennifer Vanderlaan PhD, MPH APRN is a certified nurse-midwife who began working with expectant families as a childbirth educator and doula in 2000. She lives in Atlanta, GA where she teaches nursing.  Her research focus is health systems and maternal health. Her current projects explore water birth, maternal mortality, and geographic disparities in the United States.

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