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About Birthing Naturally

Birthing Naturally exists to be a free source of information about pregnancy and birth. The authoer believes the knowledge of how to stay healthy during pregnancy and give birth naturally should be shared freely with every woman. Originally created for American families in 2000, the website now includes information relevant to an international audience.

The information in this web site was written from the belief that by understanding the changes happening through pregnancy and the birth process, a woman and her family have the freedom to work with her body to encourage her best possible health and physical comfort. Pregnancy is a natural, healthy time in a woman's life, and giving birth is the normal end of a healthy pregnancy.

While we understand medical interventions are available for women who need them during childbirth, we also understand their addition to the childbirth process adds risks for the mother and baby that would otherwise not exist. For that reason, Birthing Naturally believes every mother should be educated about how to work with her body during labor to decrease her likelihood of needing a medical intervention. We also believe women should be educated about their options during childbirth, including the risks of all options, so they can make truly informed decisions during pregnancy and childbirth.

Birthing Naturally strives to maintain a helpful and encouraging environment where families can explore their options, test their new skills, find support and prepare for the upcoming changes of a new baby.