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Birth Preparation Exercise

Birth Plan Review

Use this list to make sure you have covered everything you feel is important in your birth plan. You do not need to have something written for all these areas, this is only a list of areas you may have strong preferences about.

Introduce Yourselves

Names of parents

Others who will be with you

Specific concerns or unique circumstances

Health issues for mom or baby

Current medications

Pain Management Preferences

First Stage

Second Stage


Medical Procedure Preferences

For inducing or speeding up labor

For pain management

For monitoring

After baby is born


Positions you are willing/wishing to try or avoid

Style of pushing

Who will be with mom

Preferences in case of unexpected events

Who contributes to decision making team

How soon to begin medical interventions

Preferences in case of cesarean

Who should remain with mother/baby

How soon to hold/feed baby

How soon to receive visitors

Postpartum care of baby

Cord cutting

Timing of routine assessments

Breast or bottle feeding

Rooming in or nursery

First bath

Circumcision or intact

Other Important Items

Photos and videos

Privacy needs

Environmental issues (lighting, music)

When to discharge

Educational needs (anything you want to be sure to learn about baby care before you leave)

Review Your Work

What additional information do you need to include in a birth plan?

Have you discussed all the preferences on your birth plan with your midwife?

Did you identify items that can be removed from your birth plan?

Is there disagreement between you and your birth team about any of the items on your birth plan? How will you resolve these differences?