An aspring Midwife to Watch

I had the extreme pleasure of landing on the Urban Village Midwife blog tonight. I was instantly connected to Sherry Payne — this is a woman whose midwife heart beats like mine.

Research, disparities, increasing midwifery workforce…and she comes at it from a community health perspective.

In case you are thinking this is “just” a midwifery student with big ideas, she is a woman with a productive history of advocacy and knowledge generation. She is an editor for a research journal.  She sits on the board of CIMS. This is a woman who has been active in maternal health, and is using midwifery training to strengthen her ability to make change.

I’m suddenly sad I didn’t attend the ACNM Annual Meeting — I’m sure I would have met her there. Maybe she’ll be at ICM next week.  Or maybe I just have to wait a bit longer since she must be even more busy than me!

It’s nice to know you exist Sherry Payne, and I look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future.

The rest of you, go read her wonderful interview about disparities in breastfeeding.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)