Jennifer's Personal Notes

Another Semester

School starts tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to this semester.  Not only do I get to take a lactation course and an issues in women’s health, I am also taking some fabulous classes over at the school of public health.  I start my epidemiology training this semester, am taking a course on access to healthcare and I was able to squeeze in an international reproductive and sexuality issues class. That last class is the one I am most excited about.  I will be assigned a country, and as we move through the semester learning how to find the data we need to compile the numbers for issues such as infertility rate, maternal mortality rate, access to contraception rate, I will be building those data sets for my assigned country.  I couldn’t design a cooler classroom experience if I tried.

I do not yet have a clinical placement for midwifery, although my instructor is not giving up on finding one for me.  I also do not yet have my placement for family practice.  I have an idea for my field placement in the summer, and I have an idea for my thesis; but until I have those approved I cannot move forward.  So here I sit with lots of uncertainty and tons of excitement – this will be my most interesting semester so far.

But do not get the impression this is the norm for midwifery school.  I am a dual degree student so I am taking nursing classes for family nurse midwife and I am taking public health classes for global health.  The standard midwifery student only focuses on the midwifery part of it.

Off to a meeting with my adviser.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)