Around Nayngezi

Our nightly walks put us face to face with the people of Nayngezi. We were able to greet them in Swahili and even learned traditional greetings in the local language. That’s right, three different languages are spoken in Nayngezi and we didn’t always know witch one was being used.

Here is the Army camp up the hill. We had to pay for their protection. Extortion is just as much a way of life in the Congo as the bribery. If we did not pay, our women would be harassed by the Army. We also had to pay the police to ensure they would do their job.

This is the Market. We did not shop here, but I did buy some bignets and avocados from a street vendor closer to the Center on an afternoon walk.

This is a hot stream. Flory asked me why it would be hot. I knew it had to be lava underground, but was surprised that he did not know that. Just another shock to the reality of lack of education due to poverty.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)