Arrived in Bujumbura

We arrived in Bujumbura this afternoon. It is a very busy city. We were able to see the market and spend some time drinking a coke at the Lake. I tried to upload a photo, but I think it was too big for the slow connection at this internet cafe.

We start off for Bukavu in the morning. We have been informed that the training will now begin on Tuesday night or Wednesday, so we will spend an extra day in Bukavu and head for Nayngeyzi on Tuesday. We will get a chance to view the market and talk with the women who will be part of the training.

The training has grown so now we have 45 women coming. Everyone begged Flory to let them send someone to be trained. He said that it was an opportunity everyone wanted to be part of – even the doctor at the clinic plans to attend so she can gain new labor skills!

Tonight we are going out to eat and will discuss more details about the training and the trip. I’m sorry the picture won’t upload, but what can I do – this is Burundi!

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)