AWHONNs Go the Full 40 Campaign

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the Full 40 Campaign, but took the time to dig out all the materials after attending the AWHONN Conference last week. As usual, there are some things I like, and some I wonder about.

What do I like? AWHONN has produced some easy to share materials. You can find them at the Healthy Mom & Baby website.  There is also a collection of social media images you can use.  These were harder to find – I eventually had to copy them from the Facebook album to get them into Pinterest to share.  

What are the things I wonder about?  Some of the  reasons are, well, not really anything I would think to share.  As an example #37 – Redecorate your House around your nursery’s theme — seems to have NOTHING to do with healthy pregnancy or birth.

But…if I step back from the idea that these are somehow health justification for spontaneous labor I can see how these are useful.  These are the reasons women can use to get people off their backs — Yes it would be “convenient” to know the birth day, but isn’t it also convenient to have an extra weekend of date nights before the baby is born?

I’m not sure it is the way I would have approached the campaign, but perhaps it gets the job done.  In a world where conflicting health messages can be found in all types of media, I can see a place for fun lists of reasons not to induce.  What do you think?

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)