Bag Packing

I am off to the store to purchase my travel supplies today. I have a few lists of “what to pack to visit Africa” I found on the internet. Most of the lists are from Safari companies so that does not really apply to our trip. We won’t be in a comfortable hotel with laundry services, and we won’t be with guides who deal with tourists all the time. But overall, I think I have some pretty good lists.

The idea is to pack as light as possible, which is a bit of a problem for this trip. Although I am only bringing a few outfits, I still need to bring any toiletries, shoes and other items I need along with all the teaching supplies and any medical donations we were able to get. I also realized today that we don’t actually own suitcases anymore. So I am not quite sure how to pack. I think I’ll borrow from my mother and have my sister return them after her visit – but that means the acutal packing cannot happen until my 24 hour stop over between the Michigan and Africa Trips.

I keep telling myself that I don’t have very much to pack, but then reality hits when I look at the very large bag of things in my closet. Yikes! Two full teaching models (uterus, placenta, baby and cord) will fill 1/3 of a suitcase easily. At least I don’t have to print and bring teaching modules – that would have been the rest of the suitcase.

I also need to put anything of value in my backpack for on the plane. So the laptop and my camera have to stay with me. Then of course I need to keep clothes with me just in case – and since our travel time is over 24 hours I definitely want my toothbrush, soap, deodorant, etc. And I want the training manual to keep notes and plan with Tammy. So the backpack is already over full. I’ll just have to make it fit. 🙂

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)