Be a Research Subject

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in research that helps us understand what it is like to become a mother.  Researchers at the University of Michigan are investigating the pregnancy-related experiences that are unique to sexual minorities to help minimize the effect of these stressors on prenatal and postnatal outcomes.

If you are a lesbian couple, aged 18-45 and expecting your first child, they want to talk to you.  Here is a flier that provides general information:

Flyer (pdf)

And a few more specifics if it helps you decide:

For this study, we are recruiting lesbian couples ages 18 to 45 who are expecting their first child. If couples decide to participate, both partners will be asked to come to our laboratory between two and four times to complete questionnaires related to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors concerning the transition to parenthood. Participants can also complete the sessions at home if they live outside of the Ann Arbor area In order to better understand physiological processes, we will also ask permission to collect saliva samples. All couples will be compensated monetarily for their participation in the study, up to $300 if they complete all sessions.

 Interested?  Contact the researchers here: Edelstein Lab
Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)