The Lord of Birth Pregnancy Bible Study

Lord of Birth

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The Lord of Birth is a bible study written specifically for women going through pregnancy. It discusses what the Bible says about pregnancy and giving birth, as well as how a Christian should respond to pregnancy and childbirth.

The time of childbearing may be the first time in a woman's life when she starts thinking about who she wants to be, and how she wants to live. It should not surprise us that this spiritually fertile time is also a time when women will face many tests, trials and attacks. By keeping her focus on Jesus Christ, a woman can come through pregnancy having grown closer to God and stronger in her faith.

Unique Features

The Lord of Birth does a great job of bringing up issues many Christians ignore or overlook. As you dig through the scriptures to discover ways God is in control of pregnancy and why labor hurts so bad, you begin to understand how being a Christian changes the way you think about pregnancy decisions.

Group leaders and childbirth educators report strong reactions to some materials presented in the Lord of Birth, encouraging discussion and deeper searching of the Bible to understand God's truth. Here is an essay that came out of one discussion.


Does God Care That I am Pregnant?

It's All in the Attitude

Why is Labor So Bad?

Preparation and Training

Inviting God to Your Baby's Birth





Becoming a Mother