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Breastfeeding Advice Online

World Breastfeeding LogoContinuing our celebration of breastfeeding, today I present a list of websites that offer breastfeeding advice.  Why?  These are easy resources to share with families who may have a question at 3 in the morning — and not want to call someone to find out the answer.

Ask Dr. Sears offers a section on breastfeeding which covers techniques for successfully starting, managing common problems, breastfeeding while using medications, and continuing breastfeeding when returning to work.

BreastFeeding Inc provides videos and information sheets in a variety of languages.  This is the official website for the resources created by Dr. Jack Newman and Edith Kernerman.

La Leche League offers several types of resources to families in several languages.  It also allows families to locate a help line in their area when needed.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association provides answers to common breastfeeding questions, and tips about legal protection of breastfeeding mothers. There is a hotline families can use for specific questions.

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers is a UK charity providing answers to basic questions and links to local support groups.

Breastfeeding Partners was created by the California WIC program specifically for the peer counselors.  The site offers easy to understand information and handouts.

Many government health ministries provide breastfeeding information on line.  For example, The United StatesThe UK, and New Zealand have government sponsored information pages..


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)