Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation: Change

Change your habits if they are causing you problems or not healthy. Change the way you talk about your baby’s birth. Stop using words like “delivery” and remember that your birth happened several years ago. Change the way you think about your

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Pelvic Rocking

Pelvic Rocking is a safe way to keep stomach muscles tone. In addition it helps to relieve a sore back by stretching the lower back muscles. The rocking motion helps stimulate the digestive system which helps lessen constipation. The movement also realigns

Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation: Care

What do you care about? Take the time to discover what is the most important to you. Then express these feelings to your family and care-givers so they can help you give birth in the way you desire. Care about your baby

Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation: Believe

Meditative Thoughts If you have fears, doubts or concerns, take the time to examine what you believe. Then research to find the truth. You may be surprised to find you have believed a lie. Believe the decisions you make are important. Believe

Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation: Answers

Meditative Thoughts It doesn’t help to rush forward and find all the answers before you understand all the questions. Answers are helpful, but they are not everything. Sometimes having an answer to your question just leaves you with more questions. We pride