Understanding Pain

Pain Management Series: Gate Control

According to the Gate Control Theory, you can block a painful stimulus (close the gate) and thereby reduce or prevent pain. This theory draws from the presence of two different types of never fibers. The large nerve fibers transfer pressure, non-damaging heat

Understanding Pain

Pain Management Series: Fear Tension Pain

  According to the Fear Tension Pain theory of pain management, the fear (or stress) a woman experiences during labor causes her body to react in ways that increase the pain. The originator of this theory, Dr. Dick-Read, hypothesized labor was not

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Preventing Pregnancy Backaches

Backaches in pregnancy can be associated with poor muscle strength in your torso, but may also be associated with other causes. Be sure to check all causes for maximum comfort. Poor posture is a common cause of backache in pregnancy. The growing

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Systemic Medications for Labor

Systemic medications work by blocking the pain receptors in your brain. Depending on the strength of the medication given, the pain may be numbed or it may seem to completely go away. When administered directly into the blood through an IV, the

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Getting a “good” epidural

Think you might be interested in an epidrual for labor, here are some things to keep in mind to help you have a good epidural experience. Understand the availability To have an epidural you need an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist to

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Fear, Pain, and Childbirth

Last week I introduced you to the idea of the value of perfect health.  If you remember, a physician places a higher value on perfect health than the general public; the general public puts a higher value on avoiding a condition than the