Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Sexual Abuse Survivor

Thank you to a courageous reader for sharing her birth plan. Read more about her birth planning. My name is XXX, I prefer to be called XXX, I am accompanied by my husband XXX. This is our birth plan for the birth

Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Focus on the non-medical

At the top is listed the name of the family, the hospital and the doula We trust the advice of our midwife and understand that certain emergency or other medical circumstances may not allow for the accommodation of the goals listed below.

Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Grid Style

  Environment Please help us keep the room restful by: closing the door; dimming the lights; minimizing noise. Pain Management Please help us remember to try: walking or slow dancing; using the shower or tub; using our focal point and scripts. In

Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Bullet Points

Following is a statement of our childbirth desires. We have educated ourselves prior to making these choices and feel that we are prepared to follow through on them. We understand that complications do arise and in such instances trust our physician to

Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Hitting the highlights

Husband:name removed Hospital: name removed Midwife : name removed Labor Assistant : name removed Pediatrician: name removed Thank you for allowing us to summarize our desires for the birth of our first child. Following are a number of items listed in order

Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Narrative Plan

We are looking forward to the birth of our fourth child, a son, at the Hospital this fall. Our labors have been short and uneventful, so we are not anticipating any problems. We ask that the following wishes be respected during this

Birth Planning, Understanding Pain

Systemic Medications for Labor

Systemic medications work by blocking the pain receptors in your brain. Depending on the strength of the medication given, the pain may be numbed or it may seem to completely go away. When administered directly into the blood through an IV, the