Healthy Pregnancy

Exercise and the pelvic floor

Looking for more motivation to incorporate regular exercise into your day? In addition to all the other benefits, regular exercise gives you stronger pelvic floor muscles.1 The benefit was identified mid-pregnancy, a time when some women may begin to experience incontinence in

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Preconception Health Matters

I understood from the public health side that the health of the woman when she entered pregnancy was a driving force of our maternity outcomes. But clinically, a preconception visit was a distinct appointment a woman would make where she asked questions and worked to improve her health to prepare for pregnancy.

Month by Month

Changes to expect in the third month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth Week 9 Internally, digestive organs are forming. The pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder have formed by this point. The reproductive organs are also forming, but the external genitalia are not developed yet so you will need to wait to guess

Month by Month

Changes to expect in the sixth month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth Week 22 Your baby is working on developing two more senses, taste and touch. All her organ systems are in place, but the specialization and maturation of the systems is continuing. If your baby is a girl, her reproductive organs