Is pregnancy weight gain making you crazy?

As your baby grows, and your body changes to support the baby, you will gain weight. Some Women Have Tried… Instead of focusing on how much weight you are gaining, focus on eating well and getting adequate exercise Put all your scales


Sample Plan-Ahead Menu for Pregnancy

This sample menu works great if you love to cook, or if you want to plan ahead.  Here are suggestions for how to make this menu work for you, as well as ideas for how to make any menu a make-ahead menu:

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Should I choose organic foods when pregnant?

The terms organic and natural are sometimes placed on food packaging. In some areas, these terms have specific definitions. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration has set standard definitions for what is in a product that bears these names. Foods are

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Food Safety in Pregnancy

When you think of food-borne illness, do you think of the major outbreaks reported in the media? These outbreaks receive most of our national food safety attention, but according to the CDC these represent only 5% of the food-borne illness cases that


Healthy Pregnancy Secret – Freezer Fast Foods

Some days you just do not have the time or energy to cook. With a little advanced planning you can have a homemade meal even when you are too tired to cook. I first became interested in freezing meals because of the


Special Nutritional Needs in Pregnancy

Most dietary guidelines are very generic, but the Higgins Intervention Method has specific plans for meeting the special requirements of mothers with different nutritional needs. I like the ability this method gives to really personalize the recommendations and the ability it gives me to


Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation in Pregnancy

Vitamins and minerals are referred to as micronutrients.  They do not contribute calories to the diet, but do play an important role in cellular function.  Remember cells?  They make up your entire body and are responsible for your body being able to stay healthy.

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Helping women change their diet

If you have done any work with pregnant women, you have probably seen that how a person eats is a VERY personal matter.  Families who seek advice and information on nearly every other topic can seem to drift off into space if


Caloric Intake During Pregnancy

Have you seen the latest weight gain recommendations from the IOM?  They are the same except an increase for the highest BMI levels. Low BMI gain 28-40 pounds; Normal BMI gain 25-35 pounds; High BMI gain 15-25 pounds and Obese BMI gain 11-20


Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy nutrition, there seem to be two types of people. Those who feel it is of the utmost importance, and those who feel it doesn’t matter. Want to know which side of that fence I am on?  Here