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What do to about vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Your cervix produces fluids during pregnancy that help to keep the vaginal canal clean and infection free. This increased moisture and the change in acid levels of the vagina make the area easily susceptible to a yeast infection. The increased moisture also

Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about constipation during pregnancy

Your heightened progesterone level will cause the smooth muscle of your body, such as that of your digestive system, to relax and become sluggish. The slower moving digestive tract allows more water to be reabsorbed leaving a harder, drier stool. The pressure

Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about nose bleeds during pregnancy

The increased blood volume may cause the small and sensitive vessels in your nose to break easily during pregnancy. Morning nosebleeds may be caused by a sleeping environment that is too dry. Some Women Have Tried… Pinch your nose and lean forward

Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Like any muscle, your uterus gets stronger with exercise. While pregnant, you will experience uterine exercise known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are usually not a problem, as they are mild contractions that do not usually last for very long. They may seem

Healthy Pregnancy

Why no alcohol during pregnancy?

Women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant should be aware of the risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy. ┬áDid you know why? Alcohol readily crosses the placenta, and because of the design of fetal circulation, is not filtered by your baby’s


Sample Plan-Ahead Menu for Pregnancy

This sample menu works great if you love to cook, or if you want to plan ahead.  Here are suggestions for how to make this menu work for you, as well as ideas for how to make any menu a make-ahead menu:

Healthy Pregnancy, Understanding Pain

Preventing Pregnancy Backaches

Backaches in pregnancy can be associated with poor muscle strength in your torso, but may also be associated with other causes. Be sure to check all causes for maximum comfort. Poor posture is a common cause of backache in pregnancy. The growing

Healthy Pregnancy, Preparation Exercises

Pelvic Rocking

Pelvic Rocking is a safe way to keep stomach muscles tone. In addition it helps to relieve a sore back by stretching the lower back muscles. The rocking motion helps stimulate the digestive system which helps lessen constipation. The movement also realigns

Month by Month

Changes in the first month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth Weeks 1 & 2 The average length of gestation is 266 days, which means your baby will be born around 38 weeks after conception. Because many women are not familiar with their fertility cues and do not know when conception