Systematic Review

At a conference I attended this weekend, one of the topics was the level of understanding needed to assess a study. The question went something like this: If a clinician doesn’t understand how research is conducted or if the statistical tests used


Evidence Based Practice

Ready to improve your research skills in a way that will directly affect outcomes?  Learn how to evaluate your current protocols and guidelines with Duke University’s Introduction to Evidence Based Practice. It will take you about an hour to work through the


The Nature of Pain

I’m doing some reading about research on methods to manage labor pain today, and reviewing an old study: Niven, C. and Gusbers, G. (1984). A Sudy of labour pain using the McGill Pain Questionnaire. Soc Sci Med, 19(12):1347-1351. Before I had even


Why we need midwives in research

This article came across my inbox this morning: Yerks Research Center receives five-year, $9.5 million grant to study oxytocin. As you probably remember, I graduated from the public health and nurse midwifery programs at Emory in December, and am returning to Emory


Website Updated with Research

This summer I embarked on a project to update the website.  This would be only the second real redesign since its humble beginnings in 2000. I had updates style before, and added more articles.  But really the website simply grew by lumps


Why Understanding Statistics Matters

People like to say that statistics lie.  Actually, the statistics tell the truth, people just are not always educated to understand what they mean. This happens alot in the birth world with the cesarean rate. The CDC releases statistics about birth in


Abstracts are nice, but…

If you don’t have a way to access full research articles, you need to get one.  Check with your local libraries and state college system to find out what programs they offer for the local community. Why is this so important when


Do you have data to support that opinion….

I admit I have become a bit of a cynic over the past couple years.  Honestly, the more information I have access to, the less I enjoy listening to people explain why everything should be done their way when they don’t provide


Getting the data

Ever wondered about the premature birth rate of your county? Or the primary cesarean rate? Did you know the US government makes some of this data easily accessible for you to access? You won’t find all the information you want, but if you visit

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Evolving View of Vaginal Exams

As I told you, I have been taking advantage of the week before classes begin to update some information on the website.  Some pages are really easy, others are mentally and emotionally taxing. Why? Because my knowledge base has changed since the