Children are a Blessing

Father and child at sunset

Children are a Blessing

Earlier this week we looked at the various interpretations of Genesis chapter three.  Regardless of how you choose to read the passages commonly referred to as the curse, one thing Christians do agree on is that God considers children to be a blessing to the parents.

For example, if you look at Genesis 49:25, Deuteronomy 7:13, Psalm 127:3 and Proverbs 17:6 you will see that children are referred to as gifts, rewards and blessings.  In Isaiah 8:18; 29:23 and Hosea 9:11 children are demonstrations of God’s glory. Other descriptions such as children as signs of growth and strength in Psalm 127:4, 128:3-4 and 144:12.

I was asked once if I believed if all children were blessings, even those born from adultery or to unwed mothers.  If you want my long response, you can read it here.  My short answer would be yes. Babies are a natural consequence of sexual intimacy, but not everyone who engages in sexual sin ends up pregnant.  While I do believe God could choose to punish some and not others, I see the infant as an exposure of the sin rather than a punishment. Other consequences are more common to all those who engage in sexual sins.  These would be breakdowns in communication and relationships that happen even when the sin is not exposed. It is important to remember also that sins, even sexual sins, are forgivable.  To accept the child as a punishment rather than a blessing means believing that the punishment continues after the sin is forgiven.

But this, as I said, is simply my understanding.  Obviously if there was a question about it then others see this issue differently.

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