Short Cut’s of Life

Short Cut’s of Life

This past week I have been thinking about the short cuts we take in life. How many times do we write out our check for our tithes but not really pay attention to if it is 10%? How many times do we say we are busy when they are looking for help in the church? How many times do we study for school or our job instead of being in God’s word? How many times do we say we will pray for someone only to let it slip our mind when we are falling asleep? These are the little short cuts we take in life and over time they build up. It is a humbling experience to realize you are disobeying God! Our passion should be to be in His presense but many times we let life control us. I know for me that this past summer has been spent studying for several test I have coming up this fall. I doubled my class load so I could hurry up to finish. I had everything planned out and was working at a good pace until my Pastor asked me some basic questions like how is my prayer life? Am I spending time in God’s word daily? Am I being faithful to the church? This is when I realized I had been spending months taking short cuts. I was spending so much time in text books (church related) and pushing God’s word aside. I was working on my time table and not letting God work in or through me.
In childbirth, how many times do we take short cuts? Do we seek guidance from our Heavenly Father or do we count on the healthcare provider for all our answers? Do we look to the bible for our comfort or do we read the latest childbirth book? Do we put our money towards decorating the nursery that will be changed in a few years or towards a doula who will help our birth experience be the best possible for a lifetime of memories? Do we push our schedule and ask for the induction instead of letting God tell us when our baby is ready? God does not want us going through life or our pregnancy on our own. We miss out on His full blessings when we take the short cut’s of life. In our pregnancy’s we are to draw closer to our Creator-children are a gift from God and we are steward’s of that gift!

  Take some time to reflect on your life and see what short cuts you are taking. None of us mean to pull away but it can happen over time if we are not seeking God each day!!

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