Living in Eden

Living in Eden

I was reminded today of a simple truth about humanity.  That first sin, it happened in Eden.  Sin happened in a place that was wonderful, where every need was met, where humans could walk with God, where life was perfect.

I think this is important because so often I think to myself that the problem is the circumstances.  If I were less busy or if there was more money or whatever ever else I use as an excuse – then I could be better. But it is a lie.  Even in Eden sin existed. You could put me in the garden, but I am no more likely to be sinless than Eve.

I hear this same reasoning used with birth.  The logic follows that if we were in Eden where everything was perfect than childbirth would be easy. But I am not sure “easy” is the correct word. It certainly wasn’t “easy” for Eve to avoid sin. Even in the perfect garden, things did not remain perfect. It is an interesting concept that I will have to ponder and wrestle with for a while.

In the meantime, we can all meditate on what we might REALLY be like if we lived in Eden.

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