Clothing Exchange

Does your church have room in a closet for a few boxes of maternity clothes? Why not begin a maternity clothing exchange program?  It is a wonderful way to help meet the needs of families in the church (providing clothes for those in need and recycling clothes for those who are done), and allows you also to meet the needs of the community around you.

How do you do it?  You could start with a clothing drive,  or you could start in a less formal way by just gathering a few donations from some women you know.  It all depends on the size of your church community and the ability you have to store the clothing.

For churches without storage space, why not schedule a quarterly or semi-annual mother’s exchange where those who just had babies can come and meet those who are newly pregnant and the clothing swap can be part of a celebration of motherhood?

Other churches might like to encourage this type of gifting through small groups or MOPS programs.  You might also consider donating the clothing to a local crisis pregnancy center.

There are lots of options with a maternity clothing program, so get creative and start meeting the needs of your community.

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