Sleep or Rest

One of my favorite verses, which I am too lazy to look up right now, says something to the effect of seeking you through the watches of the night and on my bed I remember you.  Night time worship, amazing.

At the time I found that verse God was teaching me the difference between sleep and rest.  You see, sleep is a state of consciousness that my body goes into from time to time, but rest is a state of peace that my body cannot manufacture.  Rest comes from God, and he can give it to me without sleep.

Yes, I serve the God who can satisfy me without food and give me rest without sleep.  Amazing. This is how God moved me through the exhausting hours of parenting in the first years of my children’s lives.

But the whole point of telling you this is that sometimes, when you feel over exhausted, sleep by itself is not enough. You need rest.  You need to spend quiet, solitary time with God and let him work through your body and your mind to clear out the things that are preventing rest.

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