Prayers for Childbirth

Prayers for Childbirth

I did a quick internet search and found many websites that list childbirth prayers.  The websites even represent a variety of Christian backgrounds.  So I wanted to encourage you to do an activity today.  It starts with the very same internet search I just did.  Choose three or four websites, they don’t have to represent your specific denomination, and read the prayers they list.

As you read, keep notes of the bits and pieces you like.  It may be special wording that moves you or a topic that really speaks to your heart.  Just keep track of the things that God draws your attention to.

Now, look through your list and add any additional topics or thoughts the Holy Spirit prompts. Try not to worry if your list is long or short.  Just make sure the right things are on that list.

With your completed list in hand, write your own prayer.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to sound pretty.  It doesn’t even have to be one prayer.  You can write a dozen two line prayers if you like. The goal is to have something (or somethings) that express your heart and your thoughts and your fears about birth.

Just focus on writing the prayers today, we’ll make them labor friendly later in the week.

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