Prayers for Childbirth part Two

Prayers for Childbirth part Two

Time to make your prayer labor friendly.  There are acutally a few ways you can do this, and if you have the time you might want to do them all.  It just depends on your personality and what will give you the most comfort during labor.

One way to prepare your prayer for labor is to type it onto a sheet in a pretty font with beautiful images.  This gives you something to look at and focus on during labor, and you can read the prayer or have someone else read it to you.

Another way is to break the prayer into smaller bits and write the individual parts on note cards.  You can then scatter the cards around your labor place so you always have a written prayer ready when you need one.  This also gives you variety if that helps you relax.

If you prefer reciting one or two short prayers over and over, refine your prayers until you have two or three final versions you really like.  write these out on note cards and begin memorizing them.  In labor you can pray from memory, or you can refer to the cards.

You may enjoy holding a small stone while you memorize the prayer.  Keep the stone near you while you are in labor to bring the prayer into your mind when you are too focused on labor to read the words on a note card.

Some women like making a slideshow with their prayers and relaxing or comforting photos.  This can be viewed on your laptop computer or smartphone during labor. You can even add music to provide a wonderfully relaxing sensory experience.

If you prefer something simple, you might enjoy recording yourself speaking the prayer.  You can then listen to your words in labor, praying along when labor allows.

You might find it comforting to provide copies to family or friends who wish to pray for you while you are in labor.

You do not have to wait for labor to begin, you can prayer your labor prayer daily now.  You may even find your labor prayer changes as you progress toward giving birth.  That is a normal sign of growth.

Above all else, enjoy this activity as a way to express your love for God, and feel God’s love for you, in a new way.

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