Angry with God

Angry with God

I had a wonderful conversation with a young man today who tearfully admitted he was angry with God. My heart broke for him, realizing he has felt this way for a while and felt trapped by this anger.  He thought he could not tell anyone, and thought it was useless to talk to God about it since he knows everything anyway. So he continued his life convinced that every bad thing was a punishment from God for his anger.

I share this with you because I want you to know the freedom you have to approach God with any problem, even if that problem is your anger with God. In fact, I would suspect that when the problem is anger with God the first thing you should do is go to God – who else could help you find healing and restore the relationship?

I also share this with you because I hope you will have the grace to be compassionate when someone shares something as deeply painful as this with you. The time of pregnancy and new parenthood can stimulate much fear and can bring up old pain.  It can be so easy to jump to common sayings to ease the tension or to try and convince the person they should not feel that way. I recommend acknowledging the fear and pain and hurt they have been hiding for so long.  I recommend thanking them for sharing such a private thing with you.  I recommend sitting silent and letting them talk as you listen attentively. I recommend accepting this is a problem you cannot solve, and allowing God to bring healing.

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