What a wild ride…

What a wild ride…

my life is. It seems I jump from deadline to deadline without much room to do in between.  The latest adventure, Tammy and I are off to Kenya for a doula training.

This time it is all Tammy’s organization.  She is a trainer with DONA and has been contacted to help start a doula program in Nairobi. We’ve spent the summer talking about my going, then for a week we thought we were sure I wasn’t going, and now I’m going with only a few weeks to prepare.  Yikes!

So today is Visa day (I cannot go to sleep until all the stuff I need to do to get my visa is done and in the mail).  Tomorrow is vaccination day (which I hope means I just walk away with a prescription for malerone). And in between it all I have classes and papers and on call at the birth center.

I keep remembering the Christian Speaker Erwin McMannus sharing how Christians often mistakenly believe that when they are right where God wants them they are in the safest and most peaceful place – because the Bible teaches us that God moves people to do very brave, somewhat dangerous things in far off lands with most everything out of their control. I love being called by God to serve in this way.  I love the excitement and the uncertainty.  I’ve even learned to love the often competing deadlines.  But I am still nieve enough to think that when I am finished with school it will all calm down.  :-)


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