Missing My Friends

Missing My Friends

Tomorrow my preceptor (the midwife who is teaching me to be a midwife) will leave for the Christian Midwives Association annual conference.  I cannot go because I have school responsibilities and will be leaving for Kenya the next week. This is the second year in a row I will be missing this conference.

I love the friends I meet at the CMI conference.  My husband calls these ladies my church – they are the women whose hearts are so similar to mine. We feel the same call from God.  We are able to encourage and support each other, and they always build my faith. I wish I were going to the conference.  I wish I could listen to their stories and learn from their lives. But that is not where God has me right now.

My dear friends, I miss you.  I hope it is within God’s plan for my life that next year I will see you all again at the the CMI conference.

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Jennifer Vanderlaan CNM MPH is the author of the BirthingNaturally.net website. She has been working with expectant families since 2000, training doulas and childbirth educators, and midwives. She has worked with midwives in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her interest in public health grew in 2010, and she is now a PhD student in a nursing program learning to become a producer of knowledge.

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