Laundry Train

I know many women’s groups offer support of a new family by providing meals for the first week or two after a baby is born.  I was challenged today to think of another way to serve families.

Laundry seems to grow fast in the first few weeks with a new baby, so one of the ways to serve a family is to help keep the laundry monster within a manageable size.  I think the specifics really vary depending on how well the families know each other, but it was suggested that there are several ways to help.

  • If the family puts in a load of laundry in the morning, the meal provider can switch the laundry to the drier or clothes line when the meal is dropped off.
  • If the family doesn’t have in-house laundry, the meal provider can stop by in the morning to pick up a load or two which will be dropped off with the meal later in the day.
  • If a close friend wants to prepare a meal at the families home, it might be easy to wash a load or two while preparing the meal.

Interesting idea, and potentially a great help to many families. I can see that some families might feel uncomfortable having someone else handle their laundry, so this won’t work for everyone. But when it can work, what a lovely gesture of support for a new family.


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