Updating Lord of Birth

Updating Lord of Birth

Today is the first day of a big summer project.  I will be updating the Lord of Birth, and if time permits I’ll also update 40 weeks.  This is a relief, and a sadness.

A relief because the books were an amateur effort from the start — my personal prayer journals — that I only published because of the prompting of friends.  The topics deserve a better treatment and higher quality than I could do ten years ago.

A sadness because I have a feeling there are some women who will prefer the books as they were originally written, and who will feel someone slighted by my insistence on making changes.

A relief because a book is a static thing, only able to reflect who I was and what I understood in a single moment of time. Ten years later, people still make assumptions about me based on what God was teaching me over 15 years ago.

A sadness because as much as the books must mature, maturation is difficult.  What do I leave out, what do I add in? In some ways it feels like devaluing the first things I learned.

A relief because my skills at communicating have improved in the 10 years, and hopefully I will be able to express myself without confusing other women or causing great misunderstandings that have happened with the previous versions.

A sadness because words will always be inadequate communication tools, and I know others will misunderstand what I write again.

And so it begins….

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