Planning for Guest Bloggers

Planning for Guest Bloggers

I have been considering several options for the addition of guest bloggers or contributors to the Christian Childbirth Blog. So an update.

The Format

I think I have the final format for the contribution series — each month will have a topic question about Christian childbirth. These are the questions we all had when we first thought about being pregnant through a Christian lens.

Should a Christian use Birth Control?
Is a Natural Childbirth More “Christian”?
Why is Childbirth Painful?
Does God Want Circumcision or Not?

This means each contributor will have the opportunity to share how they deal with these difficult questions.  Leave a comment to let me know what questions you would like discussed.

The Contributors

This part gets a little sticky, because we all know that Christians tend to play with other Christians who have the same opinions about these difficult topics. But the goal of the blog is to present the many different ways Christian families approach these questions.  I am considering a few options for how to reach a broad group of contributors, but if you have any ideas of people who should be included let me know.

The Work

I still have alot to do to be ready for contributors and to manage this project.  I’m excited to do it, and this really is the perfect time.  I can’t wait to see what the end result of this new ministry opportunity will be.

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