Only Human

Only Human

I type this after I repaired a few broken links on the main Christian Childbirth website — links which have been broken since the debut of the new style several months ago. Cringe-worthy mistakes that make me wonder how I can continue to think I can balancing a PhD program and my hobby websites is possible.

This is probably not anything you particularly care about — unless you were stuck unable to follow a link. Except, I think it is important sometimes that we remember we are all only human. We will make mistakes and the work we produce will not be perfect.

If what is holding you back from serving others in pregnancy and birth is the belief or fear you are not good enough, let me be the first to encourage you that you are good enough. You do have something to offer and if God is calling you to serve, I highly recommend stepping forward boldly and being willing to learn as you go.

I promise the adventure of learning is reward enough.

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Jennifer Vanderlaan CNM MPH is the author of the website. She has been working with expectant families since 2000, training doulas and childbirth educators, and midwives. She has worked with midwives in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her interest in public health grew in 2010, and she is now a PhD student in a nursing program learning to become a producer of knowledge.

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