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Comment from a Reader

I received a comment from a reader on the Birthing Naturally Midwife Mentor Blog.  I moved it here to allow better discussion in a more appropriate forum.  Here is the comment I received. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your reply a little while back to my comments about Eve’s curse and the Jackie Mize book etc. […]

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Considering A Birth or Pregnancy Ministry

I know the feeling of a ministry idea sprouting and growing inside you. I’ve had it myself, and I’ve helped many women nurture the idea into a successful ministry. Be encouraged, if you have an idea growing you you are not alone. But you may be wondering, “How do I make that idea a reality?” […]

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Christian Midwives International and Midwifery Today 2008

In 2008 I was ready for the full conference experience.  I was able to attend Midwifery Today because of a program that accepted students to work as room stewards. I wouldn’t be able to select what sessions I attended, but my expenses were much less.  I don’t have any photos because my husband convinced me […]

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Christian Midwives International 2007

As promised, I dug out my old files to find conference photos.  I hope I’ve selected some good ones to give you an idea what goes on at conferences. I think the first conference I attended was from CAPPA, possibly as far back as 2003, but I would not have taken any photos and don’t […]

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AWHONN 2014 Convention

Today is the start of the AWHONN 2014 Convention. This will be the first AWHONN Convention I’ve attended so I’m very excited to see how they do things and make connections. This is actually my third conference this year. Christian Midwives International was in April, and the International Confederation of Midwives was at the start […]

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Only Human

I type this after I repaired a few broken links on the main Christian Childbirth website — links which have been broken since the debut of the new style several months ago. Cringe-worthy mistakes that make me wonder how I can continue to think I can balancing a PhD program and my hobby websites is […]

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Catholic Nuns and Health Policy

I thought some readers might be interested in this article from Nursing Outlook. You will need a subscription or a library access to read the full article, but the abstract is posted online. Title:  The role of Catholic nurses in women’s health care policy disputes: A historical study Author: Barbra Mann Wall, PhD, RN, FAAN Journal: Nursing […]

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Planning for Guest Bloggers

I have been considering several options for the addition of guest bloggers or contributors to the Christian Childbirth Blog. So an update. The Format I think I have the final format for the contribution series — each month will have a topic question about Christian childbirth. These are the questions we all had when we […]

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Looking Forward

In 2010, Tammy Ryan and I began this blog from our desire to provide information to expectant Christian families. While we still have a strong heart for the concept, we simply don’t have the time to devote to all the writing. So in comes plan B… We have decided to invite additional authors.  This provides […]

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Updating Lord of Birth

Today is the first day of a big summer project.  I will be updating the Lord of Birth, and if time permits I’ll also update 40 weeks.  This is a relief, and a sadness. A relief because the books were an amateur effort from the start — my personal prayer journals — that I only […]

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