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Willing to grow

I was reminded this morning how difficult it can be to actually be willing to grow. Growth brings change, and we are comfortable where we are.  Others are comfortable with us where we are.  Sometimes it feels like growth ruins everything. And lets face it, pregnancy and parenting is definitely a time of growing. I […]

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When it all crashes…

I made the startling discovery last week that the blog was “down”.  I had intended to write something quick and get back to my school work, so you can imagine just how annoying that was.  I did what any busy woman would do.  I ignored it. I don’t pay too much attention to the website […]

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Christian Midwives International Conference

Do you have your conference plans set for this spring?  I know it is last minute, but I’m hoping you can work in a stop for the Christian Midwives International Conference.  If not this year, plan for next year. The conference is half retreat, half intensive education.  I enjoy the time I get to reconnect […]

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Laundry Train

I know many women’s groups offer support of a new family by providing meals for the first week or two after a baby is born.  I was challenged today to think of another way to serve families. Laundry seems to grow fast in the first few weeks with a new baby, so one of the […]

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Sharing the Ministry of Motherhood

I’m starting to avoid social media. I do like the ability to share the ins and outs of my daily life with my family and close friends (who all live hundreds of miles from me). I just find the conversations and sharing of blog posts disruptive to my extended friendships. No matter how hard I […]

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The Support Women Need

I ran across this article from the CDC today: Breastfeeding practices: does method of delivery matter? Maybe you are like me, you want the researchers to say it doesn’t matter.  In part, they did.  It turns out there is no difference in initiation of breastfeeding.  It’s just that women who have an induction or a […]

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Issues of Insurance

I’m in a health economics course this semester, and I’ve been spending the last few weeks pondering the idea of insurance as a health financing tool.  I’ve never been a fan of insurance – I’m still young and healthy so even in years I’ve had children I’ve paid more in insurance premiums than I would […]

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Is The Bible a Relevant Lens for Childbirth?

I hope you don’t mind my sharing some deeper questions I’ve been pondering lately. I’ve been enjoying taking a new look at the Bible, and like any learning, leaves me with more questions than answers. This year I have challenged myself to read the Bible looking for the power dynamics in relationships.  Questions such as […]

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Learning Compassion

I’ve challenged myself to learn to have more compassion. I admit it has been an interesting summer with unexpected, but much appreciated, personal growth. I was starting to feel that I was mastering compassion, until today. This afternoon as I was preparing to make soup from a new recipe, I responded to the direction to […]

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

A friend on a message board brought up an interesting topic last week.  She had started volunteering for her local crisis pregnancy center and discovered the information they had to share with families about birth consisted of two outdated books.  This ignited a passion within her, and I want to help grow that passion in […]

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