I had an interesting conversation with a midwife friend at the conference last week.  We talked about our philosophies of health, and it was a great reminder to me that many people interpret natural and holistic living differently. My friend what sharing about her use of herbs.  She likes to use herbs with the women she works with because she feels it is safer than pharmaceuticals.  I shared that I don’t use herbs except those which I include in my cooking. She was intrigued – you don’t often find natural birth people who do not use herbs. But it was my reasoning that was most interesting toRead More →

  In case you haven’t heard, next week is the 2013 conference for Christian Midwives International. This year it is conveniently located for me in Savannah Georgia, just down the road a bit from Atlanta. I’ll be there, and ready to see friends old and new.  I’ll even be helping other midwives update their skills with a clinical update on menopause.  I can’t wait. If you have been on the fence about going, or if you think this conference isn’t for you I might be able to change your mind. First, even though this is a conference for Christian Midwives International, it isn’t just forRead More →

Did you notice it is already March?  I wanted to get your mind set on a project you can do to support the needs of expectant families in your area – host a “Baby Shower” at your church for Mother’s Day. This can be as elaborate or informal as you choose.  Some churches put up boxes on Mother’s Day weekend to collected gently used items which they donate to a local shelter or crisis pregnancy center.  Some churches have a get together for all the new mothers in their church, helping them build relationships with the more experienced mothers for mentoring and friendship.  Some churchesRead More →

Now that I have officially graduated, I’ve returned to my normal practice of reading the Bible through each year. I’ve kept up very well in the past two months – which is amazing given how unfocused I have been at the other items on my to do list. I have been excited about this year’s Bible read through.  I chose an edition that is organized chronologically, which is one of my favorite reading plans.  But more importantly, I have been given eyes to finally see things other than issues of parenting, pregnancy and birth.  I know it sounds weird, but before starting nursing school IRead More →

I started reading Job this week.  I’ve always loved the Book of Job, the way it speaks honestly about trouble and problems. My heart goes out to Job, who so openly confesses to his friends that their attempts at consolation are pitiful. Because of Job I never use cliches or simple phrases promising life will get better or that this is probably for the best with friends who are struggling with the loss of a child or a difficult pregnancy.  Job taught me it is OK to sit with someone in pain, that I don’t need to speak to be comforting. And Job taught me that andRead More →

Just a reminder that prayers do get answered. I had lost my files due to hard drive failure. The retrieval company reported all the files as corrupt but were willing to give us what they found for a greatly reduced rate. When the files arrived, they could all be opened and my work could continue.  How amazing is our God?Read More →

I am so thankful for technology that makes my life easier. For example, I con now make blog posts directly from my phone.  This means you are more likely to get posts.  We all win. So now I want to know, how do you utilize technology in your ministry?Read More →

I’ve returned from Honduras, and am using an unexpected break to update the main Birthing Naturally website.  As I started, a funny thing happened – I realized how much my view of birth has been changed by my learning over the past few years. It isn’t that I’ve suddenly changed my whole philosophy. It is that my understanding of the problems women face has been expanded.  Let’s face it, when you are an independent childbirth educator or doula you pretty much see one kind of woman – the kind who does research to make informed decisions and has enough freedom in her life to actRead More →

The next step in my crazy schedule is six weeks in Honduras.  I’ll be volunteering with an organization – teaching neonatal resuscitation in a few places and putting in some hours as a doula in the local hospital. Did this just get you excited, because you have a heart to help internationally too?  If so, why not start in your own area?  You could volunteer with a crisis pregnancy center, provide free doula services to teens or pregnant women, even sign up to be a peer breastfeeding counselor.  Find out what is possible and go for it.Read More →

Dear friends, I hope your year has been fruitful and a blessing up to this point.  I have been overwhelmed with school and had to stop all non-essential work for a few months.  But the semester is nearly  over for me, and I am getting back to my “real” life. Isn’t it funny that we have a “real” life – one which we believe happens, or should happen, or that we want to happen; and we have the life we actually live that seems like it is only distracting us from our “real” lives. So I take that back.  I have been living my “real”Read More →