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Blessing and Prayers

I just wanted to take a moment today to remind my wonderful readers that you can pray for your baby, and say blessings over your baby, at any time.  No need for a special occasion, you don’t have to wait for bed time.  Use the minutes you have during the day: While preparing a snack […]

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Not so formal, m’am

I have been transplanted into the south of the United States.  I came willingly, and I enjoy living here for now.  But one thing really seems strange to me, being called m’am. It is so normal here, everyone does it. It is expected and I assume it is considered rude not to call a person […]

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Losing birth faith?

It is always so interesting to me when God begins to open my eyes to something I had never thought to question before.  This week, as I explained Monday, I get the opportunity to do that. So where am I in the growth process today? For starters, I want to say that nothing has made […]

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Using your prayer in pregnancy

OK, so you don’t want to wait for labor to start using the prayers you wrote this week?  I personally think that is fantastic and I encourage you to start incorporating them into your prayer life now. But I can also see how just reading the prayer you wrote probably isn’t the prayer experience you were hoping […]

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Prayers for Childbirth part Two

Time to make your prayer labor friendly.  There are acutally a few ways you can do this, and if you have the time you might want to do them all.  It just depends on your personality and what will give you the most comfort during labor. One way to prepare your prayer for labor is […]

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Prayers for Childbirth

I did a quick internet search and found many websites that list childbirth prayers.  The websites even represent a variety of Christian backgrounds.  So I wanted to encourage you to do an activity today.  It starts with the very same internet search I just did.  Choose three or four websites, they don’t have to represent […]

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Struggling with failure

Have I told you I am a perfectionist?  It’s true, I am.  So I deal quite frequently with something the world calls “failure.”  Failure means I did not achieve what I set out to achieve. When you are a perfectionist, you aim pretty high and the mark is really easy to miss.  But I just […]

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Sleep or Rest

One of my favorite verses, which I am too lazy to look up right now, says something to the effect of seeking you through the watches of the night and on my bed I remember you.  Night time worship, amazing. At the time I found that verse God was teaching me the difference between sleep […]

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Share the News or Privacy

I have a very guarded tongue.  I have trained myself to keep quiet about the issues my friends share with me.  They deserve the privacy and the respect when they seek my help.  But this respect of their privacy is not limited to “clinical” advice seeking. When a friend tells me she is pregnant, I […]

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Did you move for a week?

Last week I challenged you to move your body – to be active – just for one week.  I hope you found an activity you enjoy whether it is walking, biking, tennis, swimming or anything else you find pleasant.  I promised to give you some questions to ask yourself about the experiment, and here they are. 1. […]

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