Want more proof that God designed your body to be active?  Consider the effects of exercise on breast cancer. We know that obesity increases rates of breast cancer. It is believed this is because the fat cells secrete estrogen, and estrogen plays a part in making breast cancer. So on the one hand you could just assume exercise decreases body fat so reduces risk.  But there is more to it than that. Exercise actually increases the bodies production of proteins that bind to estrogen. These proteins hold the hormone in the blood, only the free (unbound) hormones exert their effects on the body.  In otherRead More →

When I work with women I can never stress enough that the human body was made to move.  We can call this exercise, activity, aerobics, sports or just plain having fun.  It doesn’t matter because it all does the same thing – help your body operate better. Here is an amazing example. You muscles need glucose (sugar) to operate.  But glucose is a large molecule and cannot enter the cell without help.  Insulin helps the muscle cells receive the glucose so the muscle cells stay healthy.  But here is where it gets interesting.  When you exercise, the muscle cells are able to receive glucose without theRead More →

I was reminded today of a simple truth about humanity.  That first sin, it happened in Eden.  Sin happened in a place that was wonderful, where every need was met, where humans could walk with God, where life was perfect. I think this is important because so often I think to myself that the problem is the circumstances.  If I were less busy or if there was more money or whatever ever else I use as an excuse – then I could be better. But it is a lie.  Even in Eden sin existed. You could put me in the garden, but I am noRead More →

I am a reluctant nurse and never expected to be training as a nurse midwife.  I had given up the idea of being a midwife several years ago because my state did not license CPMs. I couldn’t stomach the thought of being the kind of midwife who was in an office doing pelvic exams all day. So you can imagine how frustrating it was for me to have the classes on sexually transmitted infections and pelvic exams during the second week of school. But God is amazing, and his timing is always perfect.  As I sat in class on Wednesday looking at photographs of diseases noRead More →

I am asked periodically why I do not have a separate listing for Christian doulas. My assumption is that some women feel they will have a better birth if their doula is a Christian. This isn’t anything against doulas of other backgrounds, it is a cultural thing.  It is assumed a doula who shares your faith can: pray with you and/or worship with you understands the words you use to find strength understands words that are unacceptable to you is unlikely to practice habits you find offensive is unlikely to suggest methods or measures you feel uncomfortable with spiritually is unlikely to try to talk you out ofRead More →

In my previous post I shared some of the struggles I faced as I try to navigate my way through God’s calling on my life. Today I thought I would share with you some silly little things that God has given to me or done for me in the past few months.  You may know my family recently moved 800 miles from our home so I could attend midwifery school, and the transition has been mostly smooth.  But the little gifts from God have been such fabulous reminders of how much he loves me. The first gift, I can swim.  I never really learned toRead More →

I loved reading Tammy’s insights last week, and she got me thinking about my own struggle to balance my life as I pursue the calling to midwifery. I doubt I do a great job, but sometimes I manage. You see, my biggest struggle is feeling as if I have completed a task well enough.  I do this with every part of my life–I do it big or don’t do it.  My husband laughs at me that if I can’t work out for a full hour I just don’t exercise. But I’m not yet convinced that this is solely a bad thing. After all, the desire to doRead More →

This past week I have been thinking about the short cuts we take in life. How many times do we write out our check for our tithes but not really pay attention to if it is 10%? How many times do we say we are busy when they are looking for help in the church? How many times do we study for school or our job instead of being in God’s word? How many times do we say we will pray for someone only to let it slip our mind when we are falling asleep? These are the little short cuts we take in lifeRead More →

I found a list of things to know about birth. It is written as a comic article and posted on a Christian website. I share it because I find it fascinating that it pushes epidural, belittles pregnancy and that starts some interesting conversation at the end. There is this divide that happens among Christian women.  Either they embrace the body and the natural birth experience as designed by God, or they embrace epidural and medical technology as gifts from God.  And for the most part, these two groups don’t seem to “get” each other.  Each thinks the other side is corrupting young women, the epidural crowd by promoting a distrust of GodRead More →

Christianity gets a bum rap when it comes to childbirth. In many books, websites and even personal conversations, the Bible is blamed for societies belief that childbirth is to be excessively painful. Having a broader world perspective, I can assure you that even in cultures without a Biblical history childbirth is very often expected to be difficult for the mother. But this alone does not mean the Bible has not had an influence. The verses most often blamed are in Genesis chapter 3.  This is the story of Adam, Eve, a serpent and an apple. There are three ways these verses are interpreted. The first, and mostRead More →