I am happy to report the comments feature on the blog works.  I know this because I have had the thankless task of checking the comments to ensure they truly are spam before I delete them. I hadn’t counted on that when I considered doing a blog. Isn’t that how life is though? So many times we underestimate the commitment we are making. Everything takes time and money, and usually it takes more time and money than we think. But I’m not one to step away from a challenge, especially when I know I am probably underestimating the value of the project. Confession time, I usually underestimateRead More →

Christianity gets a bum rap when it comes to childbirth. In many books, websites and even personal conversations, the Bible is blamed for societies belief that childbirth is to be excessively painful. Having a broader world perspective, I can assure you that even in cultures without a Biblical history childbirth is very often expected to be difficult for the mother. But this alone does not mean the Bible has not had an influence. The verses most often blamed are in Genesis chapter 3.  This is the story of Adam, Eve, a serpent and an apple. There are three ways these verses are interpreted. The first, and mostRead More →