Penny Simkin’s the Birth Partner was a required read when I was training as a doula nearly 10 years ago.  It still sits on my shelf today, although I am on my second copy. What I like about the book is the no-nonsense presentation of information.  Ms. Simkin gets straight to the point quickly explaining pros and cons for all types of labor options.  Her bulleted lists are easy to read and the book itself is marked on the side so you can quickly find the section you would like to read. I have had some families find the book too dry to read.  In those casesRead More →

Title: Laboring Under an Illusion Format: DVD Cost: about $20 Available from: Birth This 50 minute video explores the effects of culture on our beliefs about childbirth. Using clips from major motion films, television shows and natural birth videos, the director encourages viewers to discern the hidden messages being sent through the media.  Not only are viewers encouraged to question Hollywood birth beliefs, but also to consider what is or is not true in “educational” birth videos. Jennifer’s Thoughts: This video is too long to use in any childbirth class, but may work well as a library item or as a presentation for a women’s night. There are someRead More →