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Comment from a Reader

I received a comment from a reader on the Birthing Naturally Midwife Mentor Blog.  I moved it here to allow better discussion in a more appropriate forum.  Here is the comment I received. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your reply a little while back to my comments about Eve’s curse and the Jackie Mize book etc. […]

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Catholic Nuns and Health Policy

I thought some readers might be interested in this article from Nursing Outlook. You will need a subscription or a library access to read the full article, but the abstract is posted online. Title:  The role of Catholic nurses in women’s health care policy disputes: A historical study Author: Barbra Mann Wall, PhD, RN, FAAN Journal: Nursing […]

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What a wild ride…

my life is. It seems I jump from deadline to deadline without much room to do in between.  The latest adventure, Tammy and I are off to Kenya for a doula training. This time it is all Tammy’s organization.  She is a trainer with DONA and has been contacted to help start a doula program […]

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The religion of Hand-Washing

If you live in the USA, chances are you wash your hands. You probably don’t wash them as often as you think you should, but you wash them. Reading this may even make you feel guilty, that you should really go wash your hands now because it’s been a while and your hands are probably […]

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Midwifery School

I am not a person who believes that life with God is easy.  In fact, I pretty much expect it to be difficult.  I believe this because the stories I read of the heroes in the Bible are not stories of God finding favor and making life easy.  They are stories of difficult choices, leaving […]

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Internationally Focused?

For those of you interested in international work, I’ve found a great new resource.  It is called Gapminder, and it allows you to graph health and development indicators from around the world.  Why is this so great?  Because many people have a rather historical view of the world we live in. Want to know what I […]

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Cultural Christianity

I tend to be less of a Christian critic than many of my contemporaries.  I have been given the gift of acceptance from God, and I pass that gift onto others. It has been a long growing process, when I first became a Christian I believed I could tell who was heaven bound by the […]

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Trustworthy with a little…trustworthy with a lot

I had a lovely time meeting with some fellow students to discuss international service opportunities, when one of the women reminded us that because of the surrounding city we have the opportunity to serve many international communities only a few miles from home. Interesting.  This point had been brought up in my global health class […]

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Interacting with the World

As Christian’s we care about the people around us, whether that be in our neighborhood or the other side of the world.  I have seen some fantastic work make life-changing differences, and I have seen single focus plans leave areas with less hope. It seems to me there are two motivations that drive Christian’s participation […]

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