In 2008 I was ready for the full conference experience.  I was able to attend Midwifery Today because of a program that accepted students to work as room stewards. I wouldn’t be able to select what sessions I attended, but my expenses were much less.  I don’t have any photos because my husband convinced me I was going to work, not hang out with friends. But hang out with friends I did.  This conference solidified some friendships that began the year prior. I was smarter for the Christian Midwives International Conference – I brought my camera despite his suggestion I leave it at home. I’mRead More →

As promised, I dug out my old files to find conference photos.  I hope I’ve selected some good ones to give you an idea what goes on at conferences. I think the first conference I attended was from CAPPA, possibly as far back as 2003, but I would not have taken any photos and don’t have a record of that. It was the only doula conference I ever attended, and I don’t remember thinking it was anything worth the cost.  Why? By the time I attended I had been doing childbirth education and doula work for a few years so the conference offered little toRead More →

Today is the start of the AWHONN 2014 Convention. This will be the first AWHONN Convention I’ve attended so I’m very excited to see how they do things and make connections. This is actually my third conference this year. Christian Midwives International was in April, and the International Confederation of Midwives was at the start of this month. I skipped ACNM this year due to the lack of money and time to attend four conferences. This is also the first conference this year where I don’t know anyone else going.  I realize this can be a major barrier for some of you who want toRead More →