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Comment from a Reader

I received a comment from a reader on the Birthing Naturally Midwife Mentor Blog.  I moved it here to allow better discussion in a more appropriate forum.  Here is the comment I received. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your reply a little while back to my comments about Eve’s curse and the Jackie Mize book etc. […]

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Updating Lord of Birth

Today is the first day of a big summer project.  I will be updating the Lord of Birth, and if time permits I’ll also update 40 weeks.  This is a relief, and a sadness. A relief because the books were an amateur effort from the start — my personal prayer journals — that I only […]

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When it all crashes…

I made the startling discovery last week that the blog was “down”.  I had intended to write something quick and get back to my school work, so you can imagine just how annoying that was.  I did what any busy woman would do.  I ignored it. I don’t pay too much attention to the website […]

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Sharing the Ministry of Motherhood

I’m starting to avoid social media. I do like the ability to share the ins and outs of my daily life with my family and close friends (who all live hundreds of miles from me). I just find the conversations and sharing of blog posts disruptive to my extended friendships. No matter how hard I […]

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Daily Bible Reading

Now that I have officially graduated, I’ve returned to my normal practice of reading the Bible through each year. I’ve kept up very well in the past two months – which is amazing given how unfocused I have been at the other items on my to do list. I have been excited about this year’s […]

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Prayers answered

Just a reminder that prayers do get answered. I had lost my files due to hard drive failure. The retrieval company reported all the files as corrupt but were willing to give us what they found for a greatly reduced rate. When the files arrived, they could all be opened and my work could continue.  […]

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I’ve returned from Honduras, and am using an unexpected break to update the main Birthing Naturally website.  As I started, a funny thing happened – I realized how much my view of birth has been changed by my learning over the past few years. It isn’t that I’ve suddenly changed my whole philosophy. It is […]

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Welcome to Summer

Dear friends, I hope your year has been fruitful and a blessing up to this point.  I have been overwhelmed with school and had to stop all non-essential work for a few months.  But the semester is nearly  over for me, and I am getting back to my “real” life. Isn’t it funny that we […]

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Where has the time gone?

Here it is October, and I’ve just realized I haven’t posted for my readers since the end of July!  So sorry! I’m busy in school, full time in the school of nursing and the school of public health this semester.  I’m doing OK so far, but because of technical problems with the school I haven’t […]

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As I was packing for our trip to Nairobi this morning I was struck by my malarone tablets. If you’ve never traveled to a place where malaria is endemic, you’ve likely never heard of this medication. It prevents the parasite (malaria is not caused by a bacteria but rather a parasite with a rather complicated […]

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