Do you have your conference plans set for this spring?  I know it is last minute, but I’m hoping you can work in a stop for the Christian Midwives International Conference.  If not this year, plan for next year. The conference is half retreat, half intensive education.  I enjoy the time I get to reconnect with friends from around the country, and it is always refreshing to see how the work I do fits into something larger than me.  It always gives me opportunity to learn how others are using the time of childbearing to minister to families. You don’t need to be a midwife…usuallyRead More →

I know many women’s groups offer support of a new family by providing meals for the first week or two after a baby is born.  I was challenged today to think of another way to serve families. Laundry seems to grow fast in the first few weeks with a new baby, so one of the ways to serve a family is to help keep the laundry monster within a manageable size.  I think the specifics really vary depending on how well the families know each other, but it was suggested that there are several ways to help. If the family puts in a load ofRead More →

A friend on a message board brought up an interesting topic last week.  She had started volunteering for her local crisis pregnancy center and discovered the information they had to share with families about birth consisted of two outdated books.  This ignited a passion within her, and I want to help grow that passion in others. I didn’t realize the crisis pregnancy center where I volunteered was lucky.  They had a full education program they offered to women for free.  Run by a volunteer nurse, she helped the women find the right questions to ask and grow their confidence in their ability to mother theirRead More →

I am so thankful for technology that makes my life easier. For example, I con now make blog posts directly from my phone.  This means you are more likely to get posts.  We all win. So now I want to know, how do you utilize technology in your ministry?Read More →

The next step in my crazy schedule is six weeks in Honduras.  I’ll be volunteering with an organization – teaching neonatal resuscitation in a few places and putting in some hours as a doula in the local hospital. Did this just get you excited, because you have a heart to help internationally too?  If so, why not start in your own area?  You could volunteer with a crisis pregnancy center, provide free doula services to teens or pregnant women, even sign up to be a peer breastfeeding counselor.  Find out what is possible and go for it.Read More →

I begin a new chapter of my life tomorrow. It will be my first day as a student midwife at a birth center. I am nervous. I am excited. But most of all I am wondering how I will handle the student role. It is different to be expected to be learning, to know some and to have more to learn. To practice being responsible, while someone else is truly responsible. To watch your skills and knowledge grow. But in reality, tomorrow is no different for me. God has been training me for midwifery for at least ten years. And so life continues for usRead More →