I know the feeling of a ministry idea sprouting and growing inside you. I’ve had it myself, and I’ve helped many women nurture the idea into a successful ministry. Be encouraged, if you have an idea growing you you are not alone. But you may be wondering, “How do I make that idea a reality?” Over the next few weeks I will share some of the things I’ve learned along the way. We’ll talk about common problems and the not so easy work it takes to avoid those problems.  We’ll also talk about some great resources you can use to build a strong foundation. InRead More →

I type this after I repaired a few broken links on the main Christian Childbirth website — links which have been broken since the debut of the new style several months ago. Cringe-worthy mistakes that make me wonder how I can continue to think I can balancing a PhD program and my hobby websites is possible. This is probably not anything you particularly care about — unless you were stuck unable to follow a link. Except, I think it is important sometimes that we remember we are all only human. We will make mistakes and the work we produce will not be perfect. If whatRead More →

I have been considering several options for the addition of guest bloggers or contributors to the Christian Childbirth Blog. So an update. The Format I think I have the final format for the contribution series — each month will have a topic question about Christian childbirth. These are the questions we all had when we first thought about being pregnant through a Christian lens. Should a Christian use Birth Control? Is a Natural Childbirth More “Christian”? Why is Childbirth Painful? Does God Want Circumcision or Not? This means each contributor will have the opportunity to share how they deal with these difficult questions.  Leave aRead More →

In 2010, Tammy Ryan and I began this blog from our desire to provide information to expectant Christian families. While we still have a strong heart for the concept, we simply don’t have the time to devote to all the writing. So in comes plan B… We have decided to invite additional authors.  This provides several bonuses to us, to the authors, and to you the readers. More authors means more perspectives, depth of insight and experiences to share. More authors means Tammy and I will devote less time to writing and can focus on the administrative duties — getting things posted (you don’t wantRead More →

I ran across this article from the CDC today: Breastfeeding practices: does method of delivery matter? Maybe you are like me, you want the researchers to say it doesn’t matter.  In part, they did.  It turns out there is no difference in initiation of breastfeeding.  It’s just that women who have an induction or a cesarean are less likely to breastfeed to 4 weeks and to 6 months. There may be many reasons this happens.  In the hospital, the nurses are trained to offer help and support.  While it may not be perfect, it is something. For many women this may be the most helpRead More →

  In case you haven’t heard, next week is the 2013 conference for Christian Midwives International. This year it is conveniently located for me in Savannah Georgia, just down the road a bit from Atlanta. I’ll be there, and ready to see friends old and new.  I’ll even be helping other midwives update their skills with a clinical update on menopause.  I can’t wait. If you have been on the fence about going, or if you think this conference isn’t for you I might be able to change your mind. First, even though this is a conference for Christian Midwives International, it isn’t just forRead More →

Did you notice it is already March?  I wanted to get your mind set on a project you can do to support the needs of expectant families in your area – host a “Baby Shower” at your church for Mother’s Day. This can be as elaborate or informal as you choose.  Some churches put up boxes on Mother’s Day weekend to collected gently used items which they donate to a local shelter or crisis pregnancy center.  Some churches have a get together for all the new mothers in their church, helping them build relationships with the more experienced mothers for mentoring and friendship.  Some churchesRead More →

I’ve made a goal this month to promote birth ministries.  I actually have a contest going on between the website and the facebook page to have individuals share about their birth ministry.  This brought up an interesting question, what is a birth ministry? I have a group of friends that struggled through this question as we created the International Christian Childbirth Coalition.  We wanted to create a source of support for leaders of birth ministries, but not take over the job of any individual organization.  This meant we needed to define what a ministry was, who could join the ICCC and who should join anRead More →

I cannot share details yet – I don’t have time to make the full plan until spring break – but I will be hosting a training this summer you might find interesting.  It is about helping communities make change. Although I will be sharing this information from the standpoint of making changes in childbirth, the actual uses are much broader than birth. You can use the same principles to form community groups within or outside the church for any area of development. The key however, is that you are not telling the community what to do – you are simply participating in the changes the community identifiesRead More →

I attended a conference for school today – working with victims of trauma.  What a powerful message I heard, I couldn’t begin to do justice to it in a blog post.  But the main take-home point is one question: “What happened to you?” A simple question to ask, but not such a simple question to be asked. Because answering this one question opens all the hurt, all the pain, all the abuse you may have lived through. As I listened to the speakers, my mind kept going back to the need for a safe place for women to share their stories of hurt and pain.Read More →