Month by Month

Changes to expect in the third month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth

Week 9

Internally, digestive organs are forming. The pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder have formed by this point. The reproductive organs are also forming, but the external genitalia are not developed yet so you will need to wait to guess the sex by ultrasound.

Week 10

Her upper lip is fully formed, and tooth buds are forming in her gums. She is beginning a time of rapid brain growth, so be sure to continue with good nutrition. If your baby is a boy, his testes are functioning enough to produce testosterone. At this point she is about 1.25 to 1.68 inches (27-35 mm) from crown to rump, and still weighs only .18 oz (5 grams).

Week 11

Your baby has a definite mini-human look, although the head makes up about half of his total length. He is still working on completing his development, with finger-nails appearing this week. As his eyes mature this week they develop the iris. The placental blood vessels increase in size to provide more nutrients to your quickly developing baby.

Week 12

By the end of this month your baby will look like a mini-human. The face is formed, complete with 32 permanent teeth buds. There are even nails at the end of the fingers and toes. There are also major hormonal changes taking place around this time. Her pituitary gland is mature enough to begin producing hormones, and the placenta is mature enough to take over the production of pregnancy hormones. At the end of the twelfth week your baby will be around 3.5 inches long and weigh 1.7 oz.

Week 13

Your baby’s face begins to look more human now, as the face widens to allow the eyes to face the front rather than the sides. He may begin putting his thumb in his mouth as the sucking muscles begin developing. He is also beginning to form skull bones, although these bones are not hardening yet.

Mom’s Changes

You have probably started to see some weight gain as your body grows to accommodate the baby. Weight gain is normal in pregnancy and should not be discouraged.

By the end of this month your hormone levels will have decreased their fluctuations, which may mean that you feel more yourself for the next few months. Also, at the end of this month your baby will be fully formed, needing only to gain weight and continue developing certain organs and structures. This means your risk for miscarriage decreases significantly.

Your increased blood volume would cause you to have high blood pressure if it weren’t for the effect of the progesterone on your arteries, causing them to relax and expand enough to accommodate the blood. Progesterone has the same effect on your digestive system, making it relaxed and sluggish, which may be the culprit behind some digestive discomfort.

By the end of this month you should feel less fatigue , however you will probably still tire more easily. It’s important to take frequent breaks and get adequate rest throughout the day.

 Common Concerns

The following concerns are commonly experienced during this month. Please click an item to learn why it happens and what you can do about it.

Urinary Frequency
Nose Bleeds
Increased Fatigue
Increased Moodiness
Increased Vaginal Discharge
Morning Sickness
Weight Gain

To Do List

  1. If you are experiencing nausea, this may be the worst month. It may take creative planning to ensure you are eating right.
  2. You should have your fist prenatal visit this month. If you have not already found a health care provider, interview doctors and midwives to find the right practice for you.
  3. This is a good time to find out about the different prenatal tests available to you.
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