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Childbirth Meditation | Journey

This post is one in a series of childbirth meditations. This post focuses on the word journey and the journeys you take during pregnancy and childbirth.

Meditations for “Journey”

Is it the destination that determines the journey, or the journey that determines the destination?

The journey from uterus to air is only a few inches, but can take as much energy as climbing a mountain.

You cannot make the journey for someone else. They must travel the path in one way or another or they will not arrive at the destination. But you can find ways to help them successfully complete the journey.

There are those who wander off the path to enjoy the scenery, and there are those who focus on the path and enjoy the speed at which they travel; and they both arrive at the destination.

Two people can arrive at the same spot having taken different journeys. Those two people will have different perspectives on the destination and may not be able to understand why the other feels the way they do.

Everyone knows a journey begins with one step, but at what point does it become a journey?

We have not begun at the same place, and so we cannot travel the same journey to arrive at the same point.

Inspiring Quote

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. ” -Chinese Proverb

Questions to Work Through

  • Describe the journey of pregnancy as you have experienced it.
  • In what ways are you trying to retrace the steps of someone elses journey?
  • What points of your journey cause you the most distress?
  • What are you using to guide you on this journey?
  • How is your journey different from what you expected?
Jennifer (Author)