My Good and Faithful Servant

A Pregnancy Devotional

Matthew 25:14-30

When God gives us a responsibility, He expects us to work diligently at the task. He expects us to make the best use of what we have been given, and treat the resources well. Teachers of the Bible call this principle "Stewardship".

Sometimes people think about these verses in relation to the money they have been given. Are they using their money and possessions well, making wise decisions to impact God's kingdom?

Other times, people think about these verses in relation to their spiritual gifts. Are they making the best use of the talents and skills God has given them to impact His kingdom?

Today, I want you to think about these verses in relation to the baby growing inside you. Are you making the best decisions to ensure the proper care of this child of God?

As you consider this, think about your life and life style. Are you eating as healthfully as you should? Or do you need to make changes to ensure the best nutrition?

Are you getting the exercise you need to stay healthy? Are you learning what you need to know to stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy?

Are you preparing for a labor and birth experience that puts this child at the least amount of risk for injury or harm? Are you taking the time to find out what could put this child at risk?

Remember, this child is not your own, but Gods. Treat this child with the loving care a child of God deserves.