Christian Childbirth Resource Directory

Online Resources

Christian UC
Information for parents considering unassisted childbirth.

Hannah's Prayer
Christian infertility support.

Prenatal Coaching
Prenatal Coaching provides gentle, Christ-centered support for families in the childbearing year. Individual and group phone sessions, tele-classes.

Our Personal Choices
One family shares the decisions they made as they prepared to give birth.

Shenandoah Dawn's Birth & Breastfeeding Page
Articles on many topics, including birth stories.

Birth Junkie
Shared wisdom from a 10 time experienced mother.

Our Homebirth Page
One mom answers the questions she was asked when she began planning for a homebirth.

Blessed Birth Day
Series of articles by Kathy Nesper, the director of Apple Tree Family Ministries.

Christian Parenting Decisions
Raising good kids without hitting.

Christian Parenting
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Family Answers
Information in a question and answer format.

Single Parent Online Retreat
Encouragement and resources for single parents.

Christian Marriage & Family
Suggestions and information for building a Godly home.

Kidz are people too...Christian Issues
Offers articles on a variety of parenting topics.

Parenting the Next Generation
Collection of articles on education and family devotions.

Rest Ministries
Offers support and encouragement for parents suffering from chronic illness or pain.

Christian Moms of Many Blessings
Hub for the collection of web sites written by and about mothers of large families.

How Breastfeeding Honors God
A look at benefits of breastfeeding with scriptural references.

Come Ye Children
A mother shares her advice for other families.

Portal for Mothers of Many Young Siblings.

Natural Christian Directory
A variety of articles about natural family living from a Christian perspective.

Christian Commandment Keeping Mothers
A variety of articles for mothers who "accept Christ as their Savior and love and follow Yahweh's commandments and statutes, including God's sabbath and feasts."

Natural Christian Parenting
Collection of articles from childbirth educators, lactation consultants and others who desire to live wholeheartedly for Christ while living as healthfully as possible.

The Holy Bible, Circumcision, False Prophets,and Christian Parents
Listing of New Testament verses about Circumcision

Message Boards and News Groups

UK message board with a variety of topics.
Variety of message boards available.

Spirit Led Bonding
Yahoo web group for moms and moms-to-be

Christian Childbirth
Yahoo web group for moms and professionals.

Christian Women Today
Offers a variety of chat rooms and a message board.

Christian Parenting
Message board at iVillage.

QuiverFull Digest
Daily digest discussion format.

Parenting as Ministry
Yahoo discussion group for Christian attachment-type parents.

Family Life Today
Offers parenting forums.

Love at Home
Offers message boards for families with more than 2.2 children.

Hearts at Home
Offers a message board.

Offers forum for readers.

Moms at Work
Forums offer support and encouragement for working mothers.

Canadian Parents
Offers forum for Christian parents.

Christian Parenting List
For members of the Churches of Christ around the world.

Christian UC
Forum for those interested in unassisted childbirth.

Christian Single Moms
This MSN web group offers a message board and articles.

Gentle Christian Mothers
Forums for Christian attachment parenting.


NOTE: I have often found that reading something I didn't agree with helped me to further study and understand what I did believe. In the spirit of learning from each other, and using what others freely share to encourage our own Biblical study, the sites included in this resource list have been only lightly censored to ensure each site is presented by Christians actively seeking wisdom from God. I do not agree with everything presented on the sites in this directory, and I don't expect you will either. Regardless, please enjoy the opportunity it affords to challenge yourself.